Dr.Bekir Bek // 2948GrebraT // 22-23 December

Hello, I have been following the forum for a long time. I find the comments, suggestions quite valuable here and I think that a lot of useful information about hair transplantation is made and more accurate decisions are made about hair transplantation.
I want to tell my hair transplantation process. I am 29 years old, I have been spilling the genetic type that has been starting from the Verteks region for about 5 years. I started to think of cultivation seriously in the last 1 month and I was thinking of doing it in this city because I lived in Ankara. I had a number of people doing this job both in Ankara and Istanbul. In the places where I interviewed, we immediately came to 5000 grafts, and they had rhetoric, and this did not satisfy me because I was thinking about the width of my open space and my donor could not be very high quality, and that’s why I was even thinking of giving up until Bekir coincided with Bekir Hodja. Thanks to the examples here, I recognized him and went to the meeting exactly 1 week ago. I was very satisfied with his approach and dominance to the subject during the meeting with what I did. In fact, he stated that the process of processing for trial purposes and the roots in the donor region are not high quality and can harm if I see that I can not complete the process and I do not perform the cultivation said this approach frankly impressed me.

In his planning, a total of 2500 grafts can be planted and he said he would make a frequent and intense planting towards the front and emergence of the region, and that he would not be able to plant in the hill area due to the width of the open area. There I conveyed that I was planning to simulate it, or he said it could be closed or said it could be closed in a second October.

My October took place on December 22-23, as stated in the other friends who plant the teacher, he carries out the cultivation himself from start to finish, whether the pre-line is determined, graft intake, channel opening, that is, the process is planned to the end of the process itself. He has 2 assistants with him, and they are very experienced in this regard, obviously they worked next to Bekir brain in HLC before. On the first day until noon, graft purchase from the donor area and cultivated immediately after. In the afternoon and on the second day, these procedures were carried out in the same way and a total of 2948 graft cultivation was performed.

As a result, I was very pleased that Bekir Hodja was doing his dominance and experience and planting process with his experienced team as a physician from start to finish.

I will upload my photos here before and after planting, your comments and evaluation about your process is important for me. In the next process, I hope I will explain the day with photos.
For 6 as a reinforcement
-Xpecia 2 times a day
-Biotin 1000 mg once a day
-D3 Vitamin 3 times a day
-Cinko 1 time a day
Coraspin 1000 mg for 1 month.

Thanks in advance.

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