Dr.Bekir Bek 3511 graft // Ankara

Hi friends. For a long time in this forum, other people’s hair transplantation experiences and after doing research I have joined you by having hair transplantation.
First of all, hair transplantation is a serious procedure for me, as much as possible in the hands -if it was possible to have a doctor if I want to have this process. I live in Ankara and here as everyone knows the option HLC and muttalip cuts, but unfortunately the prices (health insurance because of the health insuranceI have a lot of relations with doctors. And when I heard that Dr Bekir would leave HLC, I contacted him in the summer months. Thanks to this process, he answered all my questions without being bored and informed. I am a very detailed man 🙂 Sometimes he called 2 3 times a day and answered even when I asked questions.
Anyway, if we come to the operation process, Dr. Bekir HLC usually makes operations by spreading to 2 days. Because he makes the whole process himself and he can finish in 2 days because of the technical (stick and place). . Sabah haircut planning (30-45 min) After the purchase of grafts and the grafts taken after 900 grafts and 5 minutes after a break is the stage of placing the grafts. After the lunch break and the procedure in the morning (graft intake break implantation) is completed that day. It was a feeling of pain, but it wasn’t like it wouldn’t be.
At the end of the 2nd day, you go home again by bandaging, and the next morning the bandages are removed in the clinic and Dr. Bekir gives you a written paper about what you need to pay attention to in the 10 -day period. You can return home with a look

As a result, it was an operation that really went well from my point of view. As I wanted, he directed the whole process as a doctor (as well as in the setting of HLC -Muttalip) and he was a method that I would call a handicraft for me.
I share 21 days of pictures from start to finish

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