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Bnish Hair Wellness Hair Transplantation (Dr. Bilgehan Aydin)

Friends, first of all, where everyone should go, which is the first subject of everyone, let me answer questions such as what should I pay attention to. Like you, I really searched this issue and I think the most important thing you should pay attention to is honesty. While some places demanded money according to the number of grafts they planted while keeping the money in this business, the first important issue was my happiness where I went. There are many differences between the two centers I count. Dr. Bilgehan Aydın really gives importance to his work as well as the necessary information. How the hairstyle is made, where how much hair will be planted, how to plant better, etc. says. In the clinic, the doctor draws the hairstyle and goes the rest, so all that 6 -hour surgery is doing the nurse friends, but believe it is what it should be. The hair line does not necessarily have to do workmanship and a doctor who requires aesthetics, aesthetics. In the meantime, they really care about the service, smiling face of interest does not leave the phone can also contact the phone 7/24.

I hear that there are those who are age in hair transplantation. First of all, this is a disease, this is a problem and you have to look at the solution of this as soon as possible to prevent you from losing your hair when you have the opportunity to wait for the loss of this opportunity?I was still trying to close the front of my age, but when I went there, I saw that even those who were better than me had hair transplantation, and I started to think that I was going late, not early. If you have those like me, the sooner you plant it, the sooner you get your hair (1 year after you).

The most important factor in hair transplantation is the number of hair in your donor field, ie the frequency of your donor field. My donor field was weak, according to him, a good number of grafts were able to get up to 4100 grafts and October at first filling the open places in front of the rear -sides continued as the process of frequency. After that, my existing hair will be poured, and since my age is only 20, the more I delay this spill for me. Therefore, they also inject the serum (Insulin Like Growth Factor) under the skin. The results are really beautiful and they say it almost stopped hair loss, I will go to get this serum every 3 months because the donor may not have enough hair to remove the second session on my field.

Another issue that interests me is that Bilgehan Hodja really fights with this problem with my own eyes. So I think it is a ridiculous problem and we have to reach a solution in 2019, if you are following the instagram from instagram, etc. You have already seen that they have already developed a new shampoo and that it was the substance that enables the induction of growth factors in this shampoo. I think it may not even be another person who wants to go down to the details of this work in Turkey.

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