Dr.Bilgehan Aydin – 7.440 Graft Hair Transplantation 20 March 2020


Thanks to the forum I found Dr. Bilgehan Aydin clinic I have planted hair. That’s why I owed to inform here. I will transfer the process and try to answer your questions as much as I can.

On Wednesday, March 18, I decided to have hair transplantation by knowing the opportunity to work from home. I called the Bilgehan Aydın Clinic I found with the help of the forum on Thursday, March 19, and I got the information that it was available on March 20 and I took the day for October.
I went to the hair transplantation center at 8:00 on the morning of March 20 at 8:00. Then my photos were taken. Preparations were made for the sowing process. In the clinic I went to tense, I was relieved with the help of Ercan Bey and Melike Hanım.
The root purchase process started at 09:00 and 7,440 root purchases took place. As the number of grafts increased, the whole team, especially Damla Hanım, at the beginning of the purchase process, was happier. Graft purchase process continued until noon. Then he was given a break for about 1 hour and lunch was eaten. Meanwhile, because of the effect of anstasis, Ercan Bey did not leave me for a moment.
Afterwards, Ahmet Bey made the channel opening and the team of 3 people started planting. After 4 hours of successful October, all roots continued until 21:00 in the evening. For 7,440 roots, I think the sowing process is over in a very good time.
I would like to thank Ahmet Bey, Neslihan, Naz, Melike and Ercan for everything.
If you have any questions about the process, I can answer here.

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