Dr.Bilgehan Aydın Be Aesthetic

-Greft amount: 4936
-I use shampoo and lotion of the classic Augmentin, Biteral, Lansor, Coraspin Redoxon and Assist Vitamins and 1 Avam’s shampoo and lotion.

As of May 24, I will start the average hair care serum and MOSSİ London Vitamin Tablet for about 8 months.
My hair’s weakness and graduality of the weakness and gradually sparse was a situation that has disturbed me for a long time, and when it happened, we decided to turn hair in the clinic of two friends Bilgehan brain clinic.
In fact, thinking that my openness was not too much, the plan in my own head was that both the front and the hill region could be wolfed with one planting. However, in the first meeting, we decided that the grafts collected from the front to the front can go from front to back and that the operation will be completed to the second session.

We had a price agreement through the graft during the pre -meeting that 5000 graft x pounds.
Of course, they did not depend on this number of grafts, according to the suitability of the donor region by exceeding 5 thousand conveyed that they could collect a graft. But the number remained below 5000.

Before the operation, we identified our front line with Ahmet Bey, which was already my natural line was not lost and we decided to remain in the same way. It was an operation that lasted about 7 hours. I felt some pain during the anesthesia process, I didn’t have any problems except him. Thank you Ahmet and his team for their interest.

I am waiting for your valuable comments and in addition, I researched drugs like Proscar Propecia Xpecia and I am thinking of using it to strengthen the hill region by taking the side effects.


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