Dr.Bülent Kanevetci – 4000 Graft Hair Transplantation Antalya – 23 December 2016

Hello Friends

First of all, I would like to thank Şerife Hanım, Osman Bey and his team.
– I wanted to plant again because I was not satisfied with October 2, which I had done before. However, in the previous two October, I felt the need to do a lot of research in the process of having this cultivation because I was not satisfied with the results. As a result of my research. I decided to have Bülent Bey. The main reason for this was the sowing with DHi, the pencil technique.
– I want to talk about the planting process briefly.
They make purchases with micromotor and low speed. I didn’t bleed much.
Since the planting process is done with DHI method, it is almost no bleeding in this. I have observed that there is really a lot of difference in between.
– My October process took 2 days. The first day was purchased from 1750 hair. The second day is a total of 4000 grafts, including 1800 hair + 450 beard.
Because of the previous October processes, this is the main friends.
– I will try to share the results day by day. I would like to ask friends who have already made or think to have made comments about October and share their thoughts. How do you think my October is friends?


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