Dr.Cinik Hospital 3000-3500 Greft Fue Teknigiyle Yas: 25 14/11/2022

Hello everyone, I think I came to me as well as the subject today, and when it comes to day, the day and day of the day and day to upload my experiences with you I will share with you any wrong things or I am uncomfortable with all of the advice.
If you need to give information about October, I understand with Dr. Cinik Hospital (14/11/22) I found it from the internet, I found the comments on the internet, the sample was good, I understand that there is not much comment in the forum that they were likely to be a bit more information. With this hospital will be the owner.
The planting plan will be 3000-3500 grafts as FUE technique will be closed 100 %of the field.

(If it is wrong to open here before planting, do not look at the kisa and I can delete it again)

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