Dr.Emrah Cinik 2800 Graft Age 24

Hi friends, like everyone else, I became a victim of fate at an early age. I have been a cabin civil service for 2 years, so the plane is host. My hair loss started in 2018 and has accelerated so far. I made PRP last year, but it did not benefit continuously continued to spill. Now the front of my hair was dead. When I went to a few hair transplantation, they were right after the shedding could be done after the shedding could be done, but they were right, but age 24 everyone was bald, what happened to your hair. Our psycholiji was already upside down because you have no news. Moreover, when a wind blows recently, the hair was already going here. I wasn’t even taking pictures recently. I did not open the light of the bathroom when I was taking a shower in the hotels. In this process of this pandemi, I said I hit the 3rd and I said aga does not want the village guide. I was directly in my mind to go to the clinic of Emrah Hodja, I threw my photos from whatsapp, they said it would be 2800 or 3000 October. I said okay. Anyway, I got an appointment of October Emrah Hodja looked at my hair wanted to see my old photos. I said to the skin, he said he was early for sowing. The room yes, but your hair loss process can end in 2 years and 7 years we do not know when we end. People will remember you bald until this spill is over. Then he draws in the head. Then they started hair transplantation. He made the cultivation of the herself and made checks. I will follow the process here with you . . . .

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