Dr. Error Aygin / 4430 GREFT / FUE & DHI / YAS 36 / Istanbul / 20.02.2021

Hello. I decided to plant hair in a short time. In my research on the Internet, I liked the planting of Koray Erdoğan and Serkan Aygın. I preferred Serkan Aygın for the price. A few days before the operation, I made an appointment for general information and met with Serkan Hoca in the clinic in Şişli. He identified the front line, if you like this line, there will be a very often cultivation with 3400 grafts on the front part, the peak open will be closed with a 1000 grafts and medication treatment, he said no need for the second session. At that moment I decided and gave blood. It was held on 20. 02. 2021 at Koç University Hospital. Serkan Aygın determined the front line. Cüneyt Hodja was the head of the operation. The operation I entered at 08:30 is over 15:00. A total of 4430 grafts were taken. With the DHI method to the hill area, the front area was sowing with FUE method. Cüneyt Hodja opened the front of the front region. The team made the process of purchasing and placing grafts. I didn’t feel much pain. I even slept in most of the operation. I used the drugs given by the clinic after the operation. I slept using a sloped neck pillow for 10 days after the operation. Sleep a little hard. I woke up to my hair several times during sleep. But I got through the process without any bleeding. 21. 02. 2021 So I went to the clinic for dressing the next day. The bandage was removed in the donor area, dressing was made. He stuck in the bandana to prevent the edema from going to the face. On 23. 02. 2021, 3 days after planting, the first washing was made and the bandana was removed. In the hill area, itching and burning sensation began. I used the ozone oil (as I felt dryness), the lotion (45 minutes before washing) and the shampoo given by the clinic regularly. I washed my hair once every day as described. Shell formation took place very quickly. Even the shells in the hill area were perhaps sparse sowing on the 9th day evening washing. There is a very little shell in the front (13th day). I made an appointment with a shell dump for the 14th day, but I won’t need to go. As of the 18th day, I will start Propecia (1 times a day) and Xpecia (twice a day). I wanted to share my process in this forum, which I have benefited from the benefit of hair cultivates. I would be glad if you guide me with your valuable comments.


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