Dr Gökhan Gür Hair Transplantation 4000 Graft

Hello friends,

As a result of my intensive research, I talked with many different places. Some of them did not give me confidence, unfortunately I could not reach enough information about some. I do not give their names in accordance with my own ethical rules, but one of the points I paid most attention to in the research process was whether the doctor was involved in hair transplantation. I have learned in my research, there were many places under the stairs where the doctor was not involved in the operation.

Anyway, I met with Dr Gökhan Gür on the advice of a friend I knew and my meeting was quite good for me and I made an appointment for 18 muscles. The operation would last two days and a total of 4000 grafts will be planted in my head. This surprised me a little because I thought around 3000 roots would be enough. In fact, Gökhan said, “Did I get so bald?”I showed my surprise by asking. You can imagine the answer, you’ll understand that I’ve already had a quite bald.

Anyway, I would like to share with you what I experienced during the hair transplantation process. First, then I share the photos, for example or day by day I can take photos and share them. Even if I can, I will even take pictures of my head during the operation and share it.

If I want to tell you how I feel right now, I think I have to say I’m excited. My hair was long enough to pass my shoulders, but now I feel like I have 3 hair hair. I guess that’s the excitement of being able to extend my hair again. I do not feel fear or anything anyway, in general, I am comfortable about it.

I want to thank you all when I finish this message here. I will soon be sharing my photos and my thoughts with you after the operation. Thank you to see you again


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