Dr.Hair Kinyas does not think – DHi 3800 graft

Hello, I had an operation on 1 February. Obviously, I waited for it to be poured out to the last point and decided. Dr. Hair Kinyas Bey used the dhi technique. I was satisfied with the smallest pain in the operation seriously I almost did not live after I did not live. Obviously, I would never think of hair transplantation without any hair in my head because the expectation of these jobs is very high, but I am aware of it from this person to person. 3800 grafts were planted. I would like to get a comment from experienced experienced friends. What are we going to go where we are going to lie at the end I am waiting for your valuable comments.

Products Used: The Physician PH6 shampoo, Solgar Biotin 5000, Solgar Shn Reinforcement and B complex vitamins (any minoxil, finance I don’t want to get involved. )

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