Dr.Hakan Doganay Assistants 3500 graft January 2020

Hello Dear Forum Members
I have followed this forum for a long time without a member and I benefited from sharing. Therefore, I would like to share my sowing process with you in order to touch my benefit to the forum. Over the years, after being undecided about hair transplantation, I could not postpone psychologically more and finally made my decision. I decided in AHD Clinic because I believe that I could solve possible help and communication issues much more easily after the operation because of my living in Antalya.
After a few Whatsapp meeting with Hakan Bey’s assistant Ayşegül Hanım, I made an appointment with the teacher to meet with the teacher that I would give my final decision after I met with him. After receiving preliminary information from the assistant Didem Hanım, the teacher’s assistant, we had a meeting with Hakan Bey for more than an hour. The teacher’s approach to the patient attracted me, and I made my decision to sow at that moment.
Hakan Beyde Sowing price is 1 euro per graft, and when it is made by a team he trained, they offer much more affordable prices that fall up to almost half. My main intention was to plant the Hakana personally in the pen technique, but even if I do not think at the beginning of the information given by Didem Hanım and personally in Hakan Bey’s orientation and guarantee has changed. This team is a team trained by the teacher from scratch and the purchase of the donor part, cultivation is done by the team. Hodja said that the October process was followed by himself, that he was in his own responsibility and that he was made under his name (which shows how much he trusts this team). I got my history.
I am very pleased to meet, inform and concern, and I am comfortable. Soon after the October planning, October process, my opinions about the team and after I get my photos I will share my photos on this occasion, you are happy to help you forum friends. I will also be waiting for your valuable comments. Thick health.

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