Dr.Hakan Doğanayın Team / 2250 Graft / Age 23/3 October 2018

Hello everyone, I have been following the forum as Ghost for about 1-1. 5 years. Until this time, Multivitamin, Biotin, Xpecia, Saw Palmetto. I started using these vitamins last year. 5 years ago I had 13 sessions PRP and proposed Minoxidil I used it. At that time, I did it because I didn’t know anything and I used it, it was very good, but my hair was very good, but I didn’t know it was temporary. I used the minoxu for 2-3 months and left it, and there was not much difference after quitting. Happy, I left it because he’s going into the cycle every 6 months. As I lifted the front of my hair constantly, when I spilled over time in 5 years, it became sparse and I decided to plant hair. I started to investigate Hakan Hodja and the contribution of the forum to find and preferred. I followed the forum for a long time I went to the hospital 1-2 months ago I met and when it logical, I took the day and started to wait. Like other October centers, they do not make October 3-4 a day, they only devote you to you and you need to make an appointment 1-2 months in advance for October. Hakan Hoca EURO account for doing and I was a student because I preferred the team of Hakan Hodja. Since I lived in Antalya, I met with the centers of October 1 year ago. None of themHakan Doğanay did not come as clear and sincere. As a result of my long -term research, I preferred AHD Clinic because I was in the city I am in and because I thought it was the best of Antalya. On the morning of October 3, we determined my front hair line with Hakan Hodja. I did not want to pull the line down at the level of my existing hair, I wanted to have it both in terms of naturalness and because my age was 23 and my hair was fine because I wanted a frequent planting. Then the purchase process was already started. The team is very good, warm -blooded, friendly people are not bored while making cultivation. Anesthesia hurts a little after that I didn’t feel much. The purchase process is over and we gave it between half an hour lunch. Afterwards, the planting process was finished at 16-17. On the 2nd day, the first washing was made today. I bought a bepanthol lotion and baby shampoo. Propecia, Proscar, I have researched a lot and did not use it because I was afraid of side effects. When I asked Hakan Hodja, he said that if you want to take risks, you can use it completely up to you. I could not find a propian. Today I took a proscar from the pharmacy and divided the first pill in the morning, but I’m still unstable because I use it for a maximum of 4-5 months that I will not use for my life. After quitting again, I know that my old, thin -stranded hair. I thought I would leave as soon as I saw the side effect. Shock to shed, hair outlets may be useful, but I do not know that the translation of those who do not know if you comment on proscar.


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