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Hello friends,

I am 39 years old. I have been doing research about hair transplantation for a long time and I follow this forum. So I decided to write in this forum. I was afraid to plant about hair transplantation in the face of long -term research and results. However, the fact that my hair is being poured increasingly continued to make me unhappy, I was avoiding looking in the mirror. I continued to investigate the centers that make hair transplantation. My expectation from hair transplantation was that there was no scar in the natural appearance and the hair in the area of the hair and it was not noticed from the outside when I used short hair. I have seen hair transplantation with manual technique and micromotor technique in my research and forums. Although I saw many results with Micromotor technique, the results did not satisfy me. Although the results made with Manuel Fue technique are small, I noticed that the results were more beautiful and natural. Thereupon, I researched the centers planting with Manuel Fue technique. The centers planting with Manuel Fue technique demanded very high fees. Although I thought of paying the fee to get back to my hair, I could not decide on planting since I only saw the results on the internet. While my research continues, with a friend’s Manuel Fue technique. Hüseyin Güner learned that he had hair transplantation in aesthetic surgery complex. When I saw my friend’s 3rd month result, I decided to plant it immediately. Because the naturalness in the October region is very good, as well as in the area where the purchase region did not have any damage and trace. Homogeneity was preserved and could not be noticed. The fee was more suitable than other centers. Dr. Hüseyin Güner went to the aesthetic surgery complex. After detailed control and examination, the operation day was determined and today, I am in clinic for the first day of the two -day operation. The start is enjoyable and the purchase is made while watching TV right now and there is no pain. I will continue to share with you both the operation process and post -operation developments.



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