Dr.İLHAN SERDAROĞLU 21.09.2017 2500 ROOT (FUE without shaving)

Yesterday at 10 o’clock I went to Doctor Brain Office. Previously mentioned for this day . . very nicely met . . team is very warm. He pulled the photo from every pain. Then they made the donor region’s tiras and the ten line cizgi I will close the area of light tirasıladılar . . Then the donor area sleeps . . Doctor Bey made this process itself ended . . I will be all the bouquets that would be. Clock Surdu . . Then the son was given between the ogle . . Food ismarlardalardlar . . Then we went to the field of the team to do the team . . First that region also slept thoroughly. They did . . In total, the process took 5 hours . . Everyone was very hot . . After 2 days after 2 days after I left the first wast . . Water now 5 hours passed from the top of the no. I send a photo the situation.
Total 2500 Root . .
Respects. .

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