Dr.İlhan Serdaroğlu 4000+ Graft 19 March 2019

Hello friends,

After following the forum for 2 years, I finally decided on a doctor and made my hair cultivation. I chose İlhan Bey because I liked the positive comments here + as far as I can see.

I found him thanks to the forum, or I was about to go to one of the places called “under the stairs” 🙂

After taking advantage of the forum, I thought that I had to share my own experience, I will log in and share the developments. I expect your positive/negative comments.

We agreed to the priority for 3500 grafts, but more than expected, more than expected, I was told that it was over 4000, so I entered the title in 4000+. You have information.

Let’s go to the photos 🙂

Old Photos:

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