Dr İlhan Serdaroğlu Clinic, December 2020, 3650 Graft, 29 years old


I would like to share my own hair transplantation result because I took advantage of this forum before hair transplantation. After all, we won’t know about the results if nobody shares

I added photos of before and after the operation (0th day). I feel good for now. The exact results will show time.

Photos will be enough for those who know about hair transplantation, but I write my experience from start to finish for those who do not know. You can continue reading it can be a little long, I hope you won’t get bored.

1. Research and Decision Making Phase
My hair was shed for about 12 years. It is said that it is normal for 100 hair pouring per day. The problem with me alone;More than 100 hair was pouring and replaced with a new one did not use any medication against hair loss, I left the flow. If I had my current mind, I would try to take precautions in the early period, so I think the spilled area would be narrower. Anyway, because I was at home this year because of my pandemi, I decided to plant hair now. I especially chose the winter month. I searched for hair transplantation centers like mid -November. What I said I said was to send my photos to Google’s hair transplantation centers and send my photos to the center with the most and high comments. I made an appointment like the middle of the first place, but then I sent the photos to 6-7 places. My head was thoroughly confused, and finally I stayed between 3-4 places and finally canceled the first appointment and made an appointment with Dr İlhan Serdaroğlu like mid-December. The following items were effective in making a decision:
1. I preferred the clinics where the doctor takes the grafs and managed the process to other clinics (the operation of technician/assistants and the clinics you see when drawing the doctor only)
I naturally eliminated clinics that are far above my budget
3. I searched for well -known doctors in articles and blogs in this forum
4. A member of international organizations (such as Ishrs) and articles were one step ahead

Some comments were so effective that I eliminated some of the doctors directly. Ilhan Hodja was about the only drawer about necrosis. When I asked the teacher what to do to avoid necrosis when the operation was finished, he said that I shouldn’t smoke. If there are friends who think about hair transplantation and smoking, it will be in good luck to decide to quit smoking before hair transplantation. I’m talking about trying to quit completely, not taking a break. You’ve wandered so bald and you’ve finally got your hair, you want to avoid everything that will harm the hair at this stage. Start healthy diet. Start the sport or something.

In the meantime, I read that Ilhan was standing behind his job, I liked it. Because the opposite about some clinics was written that they didn’t stand behind. As a result, although there are unwanted situations in health (complications), the important thing is to maintain and take care of the treatment in the most accurate way. It was one of the last things I would like to ask the doctor to act irresponsibly. While communicating with other clinics on WhatsApp, I reached İlhan Hoca via mail. It was a plus for me that the teacher himself answered my questions.

2. seborrheic dermatitis
If you don’t know what seborrheic dermatit is, you’re lucky. If you know, you probably suffer from this trouble, I understand you briefly;hair eczema. 3-4 weeks before the operation, I went to the volume clinic and started treatment for seborrheic dermatitis. You don’t want eczema attacks to be active when hair transplantation is done. So my advice is to start treatment before hair transplantation. Unfortunately it will repeat because it is chronic

3. Night and Operation Day Before Operation
Normally, when I put my head on the pillow, I’m sleeping. I even slept on the street when I was in college, but I couldn’t sleep in a comfortable hotel room because I was slightly tense and stressful before the operation. After breakfast, I went to the clinic and talk to the teacher. Professional, someone who knows his job was immediately the impression.

After the photo shoot, the haircut and then the preparations were completed. The time came to the most painful part of the whole process;local anesthesia. It is absolutely not to be unbearable, but it hurts lightly. It’s easy after that. You don’t feel anything. When he is to feel, the teacher numb that part. The grafts of the teacher himself while the cultivation assistants Muhammet and Çiğdem perform. I also wanted a PRP. There is also a benefit on the Internet, or there is also useless, but I said let me go.

4. Operation Night
I put another pillow/pillow under the pillow I put my head and provided an angle of 30-40 degrees. I put my head close to the upper part of the pillow so that the Vertex region does not come into contact with the pillow. Although I was tired, I woke up with a psychological effect. The first week is tired to sleep like this. I need to be patient.


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