Dr.Jale Şenyurt 6400 Graft (10-11 August 2017)

Friends Hello everyone, not by writing the forum very actively, but I use it about the reading side. I wanted to share my own cultivation because I have completed the cultivation today and to get a comment on my own. First of all, the first topic I opened to the forum
https://www. sachekimisonuclari. com/index. php?topic=1799. 0.
I decided on Jale Hodja because of the fact that my meftumum was squeezed and my head was mixed after every different doctors. It was held in October Koru Hospital and I was satisfied with the general attitude of the teacher and nurses from the hospital environment. However, the only issue that annoys me is that I have not marked about 1. 5 bars from my state before the rear of the rear in relation to the Verteks planting. I wonder if this openness will be visible if the cultivated comes out. Jale Hodja can be easily camouflaged with the emergence of the sowed, because of the fact that my side -rotating areas are not as solid as they wish, and that the success in the planting was low in the planting, he calmed me by saying that the swelling would be a bit clear. How would they behave if they had their own planting. I write with the heat of the incident, if I am a circular language, forgive everyone, I wish everyone healthy sihhatli and the days they can scan their hair passing through their hearts.
First Photos Pre -October Photos;

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