DR Kinyas does not think DHI Hair+Beard 3100 Graft Hair Transplantation (3rd Hair Transplantation) 24.12.2021

Years later Hello Friends

In the forum, the ancients know me, I performed my 3rd hair transplantation on Friday, December 24th. My first October was in 2015, I leave the long -standing link below the long subject in the forum. In this October, I could not get the result I wanted in the front region, the existing shedding continued after October. Before going to the military in December 2017, around 2300 graft revision was held to the same center front region. After 6 months of military service, the hair was in the state of the hair, but both existing hair and planted hair was shedding. There was no problem in my first October, but I had trouble in my return field due to the purchases in the second October.

Link: https://www. sachekimisonuclari. com/index. php?topic=99. 0

As long as I was normally using toppic, fixplant -style products, but as a result of shedding and overall shedding of hair, these products started to be inadequate. Especially in the front region, I started to use these products. By having a third planting, at least if I could get the front area a little frequent and get some backward density, I thought I could take it for a while with such products. Unfortunately, my field of return is not good and therefore I planned a hair+beard in the form of a cultivation. As a method, I decided to plant it with DHI, and this time I chose the pencil technique with DHI because I had a FUE twice. For me, the biggest criterion in this October was the good purchase of the return. Since my return field was limited and its appearance normally caused problems, the hair would not matter with a bad purchase. It was my goal to reveal the best cultivation with grafts that can be taken in a way that can not show the rotation of a balanced sparse in the rotating area due to the past sowing. 3. I would not find it very suitable for October, but I wanted to get this risk, if necessary, I can make a process in the region with hair simulation.

I had interviews with the known doctor who made the DHI method. Due to the problem in my field of doner and this planting was my last trump, I had an experienced and desired doctor who made the cultivation himself. I contacted Kinyas Hodja and met with his assistant Ecem Hanım and then went to the hospital to meet live. Kinyas Hodja makes the sowing process with his assistant. However, the purchases made different employees. Kinyas returned to the teacher and I told you that this plant is the last right and that it is important to me. I am a difficult time and I asked Kinyas to do all the operations by governing all the operations. He also accepted it and then I contacted for October and set the day. Kinyas Hoca and his team are performing their operations at VM Medical Park Maltepe Hospital. They make an average of 3 October a day and the very large percentage of their planting is people coming from abroad and they have been planting with DHI technique for 7 years.

Kinyas Hodja did not break me until my hair shave, graft purchases and planting on October. I demanded a purchase that is not important for me to have a lot of grafts. A total of 3100 graft purchases, including 900 graft beard from 2100 graft hair, were purchased. We continued over the previous October without disturbing my hairstyle. The front and middle part density took place and the hill was not sowing. Since the retention rate of the cultivation on the hill was low, we wanted to be at least the front and middle part. Especially because of my problem in the haired rotation area, he tried to take the grafts carefully and took a long time and took a long time. I think you have done your best from the beginning to the end of the planting. I hope I can get a good result.

One month before planting, I started and continued to Medobiotine to thicken Xpecia and hair strands. I will go to the center for 3 months, one time every month. Today I have completed the crust dumps and I add photos to share the process with you. The current situation of the field can be misleading, we will see the condition of the rotation when the wounds healed and the hair is growing over time. I will take photos as comparison from time to time. I didn’t want to drown you in photos because it was a lot of details. In the photos I will share, you can see the short and long -term of the hair and beard before planting, the post -sowing process, and the recruitment process of the beard and the healing process after.

I will answer when you have the opportunity when you have questions, good forums for everyone.


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