Dr.Mehmet Sezgin – Eskişehir – 2500 Graft

Friends first hello to all of you,

In December last year, I opened the following topic and added photos.
https://www. sachekimisonuclari. com/index. php?topic=341. msg77911#MSG77911

On January 11, 2018I planted 2500 grafts to Mehmet Sezgin, now 7 months are about to fill.

First of all, the doctor does not plant more than 3000 thousand grafts in order to avoid the destruction of the neck and to disrupt the small blood circulation of too much hair team.

I would like to share with you a few experiences in this process.

During this time, I saw the neck of the neck like a chicken, and 7000 thousand grafts were planted and 2000 grafts. My personal advice to friends who will plant my personal advice is to have a doctor in the hospital environment.

After planting, an incredible patience is required. The idea of whether it comes out or not, makes you bother you in your mind. If you are not a very comfortable person, prepare yourself.

My doctor told me all of them. He told me that he would get the best result without getting too much hair from the back, that he would not be clear from the front and side, but when he looked from the hill, he could be seen a little rare. When I saw people who had no hair on her neck, I frankly trusted the doctor and decided to plant it.

I share my pictures, 3 of them are flash shots in the house, the other is outside the outside.

Personally, I am more than satisfied with the October, the image is very natural, the hair takes shape as I want, and with 2500 grafts a planting much above my expectation.

When I was going to have a very good esthetician about Mehmet Sezgin, I had reached the information that he made hair transplantation well, but I could not reach any person’s pictures except for the pictures in the doctor. Especially for my friends in Eskişehir and other researching cities, I hope it will be enough resources.

Thanks for your help, stay with you.


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