Dr Murat Keskin Adana Hair Transplantation 3800 Graft

Good forums to everyone friends.
I had hair transplantation and I took advantage of this forum in my research before I made it. I will share my sowing process in the hope that I will benefit the friends who will plant it.
I live in Adana and after deciding to plant in my own martyr, I saw it with a few October center. Dr Murat Keskin has decided. In order to convince me in my first view with him (such as the other October centers), it was effective in my decision to give me confidence in the process of explaining the process and speeches.
I am 26 years old and my hair was in this state for about 4 years.
Since the sheet in the donor region was too much and very much in the open openness, the famous and successful planting centers in Istanbul did not accept me.

October day
I went to the center of October at 9 am, my sheets were shaved. The hill said that it would be planted in the front and in the middle, I wanted Murat Hodja to be like this because I knew that the only session would not close.
Local anesthesia donor area was anesthetized. Grafts were taken. Murat Hoca came and opened the October channels. Then he made the other 2 tasks cultivation.
They said that it was 3800 grafts. I only pulled a little bit while the needles were made, it was easy than I expected. October is over around 15. 30. After the first washing, I will share the current photo of my hair after PRP and occasionally. I hope everyone gets the hair he wants.


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