Dr Murat Küçüktaş 4100 graft 2017 -2.Seans 3400 graft 22 \ 02 \ 2018

Hello friends. On August 18, 2017, Bursa4100 graft hair transplantation was made in Murat Küçüktaş outpatient clinic. It took about 10 hours. Doctor Bey and his team are very successful, warm -blooded people. I was generally satisfied with interest. The front hairstyle determines your mind by taking your mind. The anesthesia process makes all of the channel opening – direction determination process itself in the area where hair transplantation will be done. The clinic usually makes hair transplantation of 2 people on the same day. Doctor Bey team is also constantly in control in the operations. For now, I am satisfied with the process, I hope it will be what I want. For hair transplantation, I will share a regular photo, especially to set an example for friends like me. I would be glad if experienced friends share their comments to evaluate the process. Good forums to everyone.

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