Dr.Özgür Koldaş Policalını Tunalı Hair Transplantation 4850 Graft

According to my research and after seeing the cultivation of a friend of mine, I went to the clinic and interviewed Samet Hodja for 11 years after telling his past for the past of the hair analysis of the production of the production of the day after the day after the day of the operation of the day after the operation of the team. I was quite anxious, but the interest of the team’s interest and the team’s morale giving my uneasiness thoroughly went at 9 o’clock in the morning and ending at 22 o’clock in the evening of the work without aggiziz high morale gratitude to the end of the team and the team thanks to Samet Hodja and his team very successful bi team sowing is finished. I preferred this team for 5 years, I preferred it, I haven’t believed that the result will be so good now I haven’t believed that it will be so much. You give


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