Dr.Özgür Nalbant 11.09.2017 2400 Graft

Hi friends, on 11. 09. 2017Hair transplantation took place by Özgür Bey.
My age is 29, I haven’t used any medication before. Dr. When I went to Özgür Nalbant for the first time, I could wait a little longer for hair transplantation, but I decided on hair transplantation because my hair has been the same for 6-7 years. I think it will not be a sense to wait a little longer if I can’t scan my hair at this age.
I went to the focus hospital at 8. 00 on October. First of all, Özgür Bey determined the hair line and made hair shaving. Until 12 o’clock, the graft purchase was made from the teacher and a dinner break was given and then the channels were opened by Özgür Bey again. The placement of grafts in the channels was carried out by 2 nurses. When placing grafts, Dr. The gentleman came from time to time and checked. The hair transplantation process is over around 15. 00.
1 graft = 1. 5 TL for fees.
After October, the 2nd day was dressed and the first washing process took place on the 3rd day.

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