Dr.Özgür Nalbant – 19.07.2018 – 2633 Graft

Hello Forum. As a result of a long wait, I made my planting. Ozgur Hodja and his team were very interested. I thank you once again for everything.
As in every business, I realize that this is superior to hand. My opinion has changed several times in a 1 -year period. I decided to last for my budget because of the planting I followed, working without great risks and reliable.
In 2011, I had about 1000 grafts (less than me) for the frequency of my pre -line. In the last 7 years, I wanted to re -shed my hair. I would like to thank the friends who have written here from time to time and share their October processes and ideas.
I don’t want to tell the day of October like a story. I start sharing with general information.
2633 grafts were planted. I had a smooth process.

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