Dr.Özgür Nalbant 2650 Graft 22.01.2020

Greetings to everyone
There was sparse and slimming in the front of my hair for about 10 years, I was always bored with the same hair shape and I decided to plant the successful hair transplantation for the last few years with a friend and I started to investigate the planting centers in the Aegean Region 3 names came to the forefront Sibel Hanım Manisa ‘Dan Çağatay Bey and Özgür Bey from Denizli decided to Çağatay Bey from Manisa 4000 grafts and 1 PRP 5000 TL. because I am close to me because I was close to me and I decided to do not have a lot of grafts, I decided to have a preliminary meeting at the end of October I looked at the results and gave me confidence and gave me a very good intentions. However, the remaining cultivations were very successful, it was a good job with a little graft, the first examination said that 2850 grafts would be enough for the graft 2. 25 TL per graft. We started the October process at 8 o’clock on the morning of January and the October process was completed at 3 o’clock in the afternoon 2650 graft planted that the plant was very successful in October I made an appointment in October I made the price of last year in January I said it would raise in January 2650×2. 25 TL 5900 TL 5900 TLI paid 2 Panthenol Foam 1 ozone gel 1 seba med shampoo, biotin, pain cutter, antibiotic and neck pillow gave the 2nd day they made my dressing on the 3rd day on the 3rd day in the hospital, the procedures did not see the nurses. They said that if the shells were not touched, they would perform the shell shed and I started to wait for the 14th day for now. I would be glad if experienced friends comment on the first look

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