Dr. Ozgür Nalbant – 3464 Graft / 19.11.2019

Hello friends. As a result of the researches for 1 and a half, two or three people have made my cultivation from the list of doctors. I live in Istanbul. Aircraft and the hotel from there walking distance hospital and go to the process of gel came. I can say that it was not difficult out of the city. Actually, I was saying it would be difficult.

Knowing and I talk from private friends know the needle I do not love me at all 🙂 Bie and a half years I wait for the reason for the free teacher without a needle anesthesia to wait. Needles are made after a needle without a needle, but they brake them a little.

I wanted him to be a doctor for October. Under these conditions, Özgür Nalbant and Sibel Ulusan remained. I preferred the free teacher. When the heart of the person goes to the heart doctor, the operation wants to be performed by the doctor. In October, in a way surgery in my eyes, so I was sensitive about it.

The team is very good people. He is also a natural person. Sincere. Someone who looks at his business without money and does.

He took the grafts on his own, opened the channels. Nurses placed the grafts on the channels. It was enough for me.

I wanted this kind of front line. But it is as if the right side of the right side remained upstairs 🙂 But I thought it would be perceived as naturalness. I hope all the things they planted will not be a problem.

There will be questions. There were those who wanted me to share. For them, I will share the developments in certain periods.

Before October head below 🙂

Around 1500 of around 1600 around 400 triple grafts around around 1600.

In the meantime, the hardest part of the work is neither sowing nor needle . . . The third day, so yesterday I was eating the sowing area was almost at night. I kept myself hard not to touch.

I only use biotin

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