Dr.Serdar Bey Hair Transplant Results

First of all, hello to everyone, I became a new member of the forum. I want to tell you about the two hair transplantation operations that I have passed. About 3 years ago, I had the first hair transplantation in Kocaeli. Micromotor was used in the October made here, only 2000 graft hair was planted to the front. But the result did not fully satisfy me as often, although there was not much clarity, I think it was not very successful operation and wounds in my head healed late. Approximately 2 years later, the second hair cultivation in Ankara as a result of long research dr. I decided to have Serdar Görkem Bey made about 10 months ago. My head was less wounded and healed faster. In this October, 2000 grafts were planted in this October and 500 grafts were planted in the Vertex region for 10 months. I add my photos after the first October and my photos after the last October. Thank you very much to everyone, I wish you a good day. If there are friends who are curious, I will try to give more detailed information.


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