Dr.Serdar Gökrem Hair Transplantation Result

I have visited many hair transplantation centers in Ankara on the occasion of a doctor. Söpimi Köroğlu is carried out in a special clinic. My Sabah 9 started my October. Drive, local anesthesia is done because you do not feel any pain. After the separation of the two doctors under the supervision of Serdar brain opening and hair transplantation of the channels. Operation ends around 4. In a few days of the head of the bandage. I used lotion and shampoo for a while. As you know, the hair started to fall out after a certain time, but no morale is necessary, after 2-3 months, the hair starts to come out. Every day I deal with hundreds of people so far I have received very good reactions. I thank the doctors and nurses working with the doctors and nurses working next to the interest and the results I want.


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