Dr.Serkan Aygın – 13.05.2022 – 4650 DHI + FUE YAS 28

Good day to everyone. Since 2019, I’ve been hanging out quietly in the forum and this is the only place where you can choose about hair transplantation as everyone says. I opened the topic to pay my debt to the forum and keep it up to date and end friends.

Dr. 13. 05. 2022I performed my hair transplantation at Serkan Aygın Clinic. Regarding the process, the previous Dr. I did not have a situation different from Serkan Aygın. Just don’t expect much attention, friends, our first appointment, which was in the first process, lasted almost 5 minutes. Although this situation reduced some hesitation, I didn’t have any problems because I know the clinic. When Serkan said 4650, I actually came to me very much. I can’t remember that if the process is successful, none of them is a problem, but people who are more sensitive about aesthetics are more sensitive, the person wants to get information about the process of seeing a little more doctor.
I went to the operation with Can Bey, and I would like to thank someone who acted exactly as he should be. (Now) The operation took 7 hours a total of 4650 grafts sowing. During the operation, I was asked how I was 4-5 times and I was asked whether I was not an abnormal situation.

It’s been a week now, I’m going to do the 5th washing today.

I am waiting for the comments of our esteemed friends. Thanks everyone .

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