Dr.Serkan Aygın / 26.10.2020 / 4400 graft / age 28

Hello everyone,

My hair transplantation took place on 26. 10. 2020 Monday at Koç University Hospital.
Cüneyt Bey and his team entered my October. October, which lasted about 6. 5 hours, was more comfortable than I thought. I didn’t feel much pain.
4400 grafts were planted. The 3000 grafts were not informed about the distribution of the remaining 1400 to the front area. However, compared to our previous meetings, I think 400 medium and 1000 of them are on the hill.
Cüneyt Bey said that my hair is fine -wolf, but the number of roots of 3 is more than the number of roots of 4.
I am on the 2nd day and now I am satisfied with October and the process.
I would like to get your valuable opinions about my October and ask some questions.

1- What are your general opinions about October?
2- How do you find the distribution of planting, will there be enough hair in the middle and hill area?
3- What are your views on the front line?Could it be lower or is that ideal?
4- How much graft you think can be taken from the area where the hair was taken?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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