Dr.Serkan Aygın – 3800 Graft – July 9, 2020 – Age: 30

Hello everyone,

I knew this forum about 5 months ago, what I read was very useful and thank you very much to everyone. On July 9, I also planted 3800 grafts with DHI method in Serkan Aygın, but because of the power of work, but now I could have the opportunity to open the subject. Only the back of my head was used as a donor and Cüneyt Hodja was the operation. 3400 were “U” and 400 were cultivated in the middle region.

I put my pre -operation image, graft mountain, as of July 22, in addition to the photos of the planting area and donor area.

I have a few questions I want to ask you. Today (July 23) I started to massage shell pouring process, I do very very light, so there was already very little shedding, but every piece of shed is 2-3 strands without exception. Does these hair directly lost?In the long run, does it affect the frequency of the sowing result?Also, what is your suggestion for shampoo for the aftermath of the Klinik?

Thanks in advance to all of you.

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