DR.SERKAN AYGIN |4200 Graft |Age 26 |01.10.2020

Hello everyone
I have been in the forum for 3 years, in this process, I paid more attention to my shedding sowing and looked at the results. In fact, I had an idea about all doctors in this process, but only 2 names occurred in my head, one Serkan Aygın and the other Sibel Ulusan, but unfortunately Sibel Hanım made a raise, I turned all my arrows to Serkan Bey.
We had a meeting with Serkan Hoca at the beginning of June, he offered me that my donor was very very good, that he was ignoring the weak hair in front (he predicted that he would be poured in the future, he would not be compatible with those cultivated if he was shed). Don’t think about the money, come and go between them, and as it is, these discourses make people feel good, give confidence because the table is positive for now.
I will enter the operation on Thursday, so I could not predict my tiredness and situation that day, I wanted to open the subject and pour me inside.
This beautiful forum and hopeful, happy, people who love to look at yourself, I wish everyone plenty of hair.
I put my last current situation down, my nearest long hair donor before cutting my hair, and the photo of 2012, so my hairlessness adventure.
After 1-2 days, my photos will have arrived after hair transplantation.

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