Dr.Serkan Aygın, 4380 graft, age 41,

Hello friends, I discovered the forum for a short time, first of all, everyone, especially the President of the Indianll, is very helpful and guiding, also a quality and friendly environment yesterday Dr. Serkan Aygün ‘s clinic I had hair transplantation, before the clinical opening we met through the zoom programLater, when the clinic was opened, the teacher wanted to see him personally and I wanted to ask the questions in my head and made a hair examination for about 10-15 minutes examined and planning, and yesterday, a 8-hour operation took place. After the purchase was completed during October, Dr. Serkan Bey came and made the front line and planting planning and spoke to the team leader in detail. October was with DHI method, Serkan Bey recommended it to see the existing hair less and to make the healing process fast. Today, dressing and laser treatment were applied. In general, I am satisfied with the interest of the clinic. I did not experience intense pain during the operation, continuous friends asked me to say in case of pain. Cüneyt Bey, very well -related and guiding approach to me relieved me. As a calendar, I did not want to decide faster and do not want to extend the clinical and doctor research process because I would not have the chance to plant due to work if I postpone it. In general, since I have positive references, I preferred Serkan Bey’s clinic. I will share the pictures with you tomorrow;If you want to ask, you can ask. I hope I get a result that makes me happy and happy. A process that requires a challenging and patience awaits, I wish it to be good.

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