Dr.Serkan Aygın / 4600 Graft / Age: 32 08.04.2021


I have previously opened the title https://www. sacekimisonuclari. com/index. php?topic=20508. msg404725#MSG404725. As of 08. 04. 2021, Dr Serkan Aygın was sowing in the clinic. 4600 grafts were planted. They got 650 grafts from the beard. Hill was sowing with pencil technique in the hill area. In my meeting with Mr. Serkan before planting, failure after planting, etc. In the case of the Rotation region is intact or touched or 2nd October will remain healthy grafts said. I hope you don’t have to. He added that you wouldn’t see me again as long as you care.

If I need to give information for the clinic, they are really interested and I observed that when I went to their offices, they do their work meticulous, careful and most importantly clean. In my first meeting, I wanted a second meeting because Serkan Bey was not available. Serkan Bey revised the lines of the doctor in my first meeting in the second meeting.

My planting was held on 08. 04. 2021. Normally, even as a very painful person who cares about blood, I have not suffered from any pain or pain during the entire Opearsion. If anyone is afraid of pain, etc. should never think. I suffered the most vascular access, let me tell you like that

The personnel who made planting were very interested, they asked if I was hungry many times, they tried to make them comfortable to see if you have a request. I was quite excited before the operation, they calmed me, thanks. I don’t know if it is excited or sedation, I fainted when I went to the sink after the graft intake. Already at the door there was a friend from the team immediately intervened, they said there was nothing to fear and gave morale. During October, we have already passed the wave

After October, I only had difficulty in bed with travel pillow for a week. Other than that, there was no swelling, pain etc. The first few days had a feeling of burning and pulling in the regions of time from time to time.

While planting, both the doctor and the teams on the team said that the grafs are healthy and that it was a good October, and I hope the result will be. I’m on the 11th day of my planting right now. If I find photos of the cultivated day, I will add it. I wonder about your views for planning and planting.

I’m not sure how many days of shell loss will be, how long does it take to shock after the shells?I don’t need to panic for two months on the brochor. They also insisted that they proposed Propecia + Xpecia, or Minoxil + Xpecia after October. I was scared when I researched a little bit, but it is necessary to get reinforcements. What kind of supplement should I use?And how long it should be used.

As I can see as a shampoo, do you have a different suggestion?


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