Dr.Serkan Aygın – 4800 Graft – 26.11.2020

Hello everyone,

I have already opened the title on my link before October.

https://www. sachekimisonuclari. com/index. php?topic=17676. 0

The planting process took place today. During the October planning, Serkan Bey came to the operation room and drew the hairstyle himself and Ibrahim Bey and his team carried out the operation. First of all, I would like to thank İbrahim Bey and his team that shows all kinds of care to make me comfortable throughout the process and if they see this place.

When I met with Mr. Serkan last week, he envisaged a 4400 graft planting, but today they said it allowed more of the donor region and a 4800 grafts were held.

Now I still can’t see the situation of the donor zone because my head is still bandage. Tomorrow I will share a photo again after dressing.

There is a uncomfortable feeling that I have difficulty describing in my head, I hope to sleep at night would not be a big problem. I got a painkiller, I hope it will get better.

The first image is as follows.

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