Dr.Serkan Aygın // 5000 graft // 03.06.2023 // Age: 26

Hello everyone,

I have been following this forum for about 1 year, my hair loss rate had increased for the last 1 2 years, and the openings were evident. If it wasn’t for this forum, I would probably never be in these things, so I would like to thank those who set up the forum.

When he did a few months of research in the forum, Asuman Hair and Dr. I was between Serkan Aygın, but the decision I made now seems to me more accurate. Pre -and -after -operation interest, the facilities in the clinical and hygiene were extremely beautiful and high. Just like they pay a little more importance to foreigners, it is a little bit of the natives, but get it.

If I refer to my hair transplantation, Serkan Hodja came in the first meeting before planting and checked and said that a total of 5,000 graft cultivation would be appropriate to the diluted fronts and back. And we decided on the date of appointment for the date of 03. 06. I was in the clinic early in the morning on October and started the operation around 8. 30, we took a break after the intake of the graft was finished, and then they were serving a sandwich and then the planting was started. 4,200 grafts were taken from the neck and 800 grafts were taken from the beard. Meryem Hanım and her team were interested in the transactions and I would like to express my gratitude to them on the occasion of this forum. Previously mesotherapy, PRP, dermapen and so on. Since I was accustomed to treatments, it was not a very challenging and painful operation for me, but when I came home in the evening, my pain increased with the decrease in the effect of anesthesia, but I reduced it to the painkille of the clinic.

Today I went to the clinic and made the first washing, Serkan Hodja recommends starting reinforcement drugs after 18 days. I probably think of getting finasteride and biotin supplements in the following months, I probably continue to mesotherapy.
What are your advice on this topic?

There is a long process in front of me, Serkan Hoca I am excited as I see the development and latest situation of hair transplantants, insha’Allah I will benefit.

I am waiting for the valuable comments of our esteemed forum members.

Stay with health.

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