Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic / 29 October 2019 /3600 Graft / Pre -Region

Hello friends

I’ve been following the forum for about a year. First of all, I would like to thank the admins and members who do not spare their valuable knowledge and time.

My age was 30, and for 6-7 years, there were occasional aggressive, small shedding occasionally.

I’ve been thinking of having October for a few years, but I haven’t met a place I could trust yet.

Thanks to the forum, I followed the planting of Serkan Aygın and his team, I met and made my decision.

2 sessions were recommended because the area was wide.

It was said that 3500 grafts are planted on the phone and Serkan Hoca issued 3600 on October.
I wanted to plant a small extent in the hill area, but the teacher said that we should wait because more beautiful results will be achieved in the 2nd session. And of course he said that it was important for donor. There are openings on my ear and neck.

Each stage is carried out in a very disciplined.
After the examination and blood intake, we went to Küh and there was Ibrahim Bey at the beginning of the team. They make you feel safe from all aspects from start to finish. After the calming, etc. graft purchases started. Ibrahim Bey opened the channels, and grafts were planted. It took about 6-7 hours.

For now, everything is fine, we will go to patience mode and see

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