Dr.Serkan Aygın Hair Transplantation Comment

Hello everyone,

On May 10, 2019, I had hair transplantation with 3,000 graft DHI methods in Serkan Aygın clinic. First of all, the clinic is very decent and professional. Eda Hn welcomed me in the clinic. He is very concerned and kind. After answering all the questions about hair transplantation very clearly, we went to the examination with Doctor Serkan Aygın. After examining my hair, Serkan Bey gave detailed information about how to follow a path. He then showed the forehead line and how many grafts needed to the area. After the operation, he explained what to pay attention to and how to care. He also stated that he would examine it when I came back to the control after 6 months and that he would do it free of charge if a incomplete transaction or retreat is necessary. Buddha gave me confidence. Afterwards, the operation was performed in Koç University Hospital. I would like to underline a very important point here, Koç University Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Turkey and the operation of the operation is only here, he has removed all the question marks in my mind. Serkan Bey does not enter the operation, but I think it is not very important because the important thing is that the team will be experienced. A team of personality welcomed me on this issue and the entire October operation was completed between 13:00 and 17:30. During the operation, anesthesia was given intravenously and anesthesia was injected under my scalp. It was a bit pity when making the scalp anesthesia only, but after 5 minutes I didn’t feel any pain anymore. Only in some regions, when there was bitter, anesthesia was renewed immediately. I have completed the process very comfortable and painless. I’m on my 5th day today and I don’t have any problems. After 6 months, we will slowly see the results. I’m sure it will be beautiful. In short, I recommend Serkan Aygın to everyone. I live in Trabzon, I did 1 night, I did the operation on the first day, the second day came to the clinic and dressed and laser operation (a new system instead of PRP) . . Then I returned to Trabzon in the evening.


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