Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplantation result – 23.12.2023 – 4600 grift – 33 years old

Hello, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who created and contributed to this form. He gave information that helped me quite in the decision -making process. Now I am opening this title that falls upon me and is forced to or for information purposes. I will update as much as I can. Now I will explain step by step and share the photos later. I preferred Dr Serkan Aygın Clinic for hair transplantation, I did not make this decision immediately 4 years ago, I went to them again, but then I was satisfied with my hair and I did not do it because I continued to fall out. In that process, many of my friends suggested this place again and the results are really good all of them. As a result, I decided this clinic in this way. So far (day 2) I am extremely satisfied with all my service and I hope it will last this way. They are really professional and organizations in their work. In the meantime, I observed that most Clinic with a history of +5 years of history is quite successful. Therefore, for those who do research, please recommend that they should be rooted as a criterion, hygienic, and how they do not support before and after the process. Let us come to the October day, as you know there are some recommended rules before the operation, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. I do not go into these details, but logically avoid blood -liquefied things to have less bleeding. I do not use cigarettes, alcohol (a month max a beer, wine) and active sports in the last 2 years and my age 33. Hair loss lasts 8/9 years. Dr. Serkan Aygın made the front drawing, and on the day of the operation, Ersin Bey and Dr. Serkan Bey again made faithful to the line. My donor point is weak and thin wire hair because this line was deemed appropriate, I was satisfied with the line because I wanted to have a golf area. The operation started at 23. 12. 2023 at 8:45 and ended around 14:45. 4,600 targets were set from the total neck of 3,800 and 800 in the beard. This target was met. 1. Rooted Hair Gift: 922
2. Rooted Hair Gift: 2197
3. Rooted Hair Gift: 562
4. Rooted Hair Gift: 204
And beard: 715

As again, the singles were left forward and the beard was sowing in the hill area as mixed. The process was completely painless in me, during the very small hair intake, I felt a light needle sinking in the area where local anesthesia was insufficient. Local anesthesia and sedation are applied in the process, and Xanax is given to relax before the operation. You are half -awake, you spend the process comfortably. Two people who open and collect total channels are two people who separate the girfts in the back, and 2 people who cultivate. Dr Ersin Bey follows the process and is involved in October. For now, I will tell you so much below, before, the operation immediately and the 2nd day photos I hope we will get a good result. See you again


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