DR.SİBEL ULUSAN/20.08.2016/3500 GRET

Hello friends,
As a result of long researches, I performed the hair transplantation operation in Medical Hair, the clinic of Sibel Hanım in 20 August.

October craftsmanship, from the beginning of the operations to the end of themselves, the success level of the previous planting, f/P as the decision was effective in my decision.

The operation continued uninterruptedly except for a total of 1 and a half hours between 08. 30-19. 00 in the morning.
The most troublesome and patience section, which lasted until noon, was the process of taking grafts with a 0. 8 mm-tipped micromotor. The needle was made between approximately 20-30 in the local anesthesia section that this was the most painful part. The planting process was performed.

I am waiting for your valuable opinions by sharing the progress of my process with my photographs before and after October.

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