Dr.Sibel Ulusan // 3700 graft // 29.12.15

First of all, I wish everyone to be healthy, peaceful and fertile.

My name is Selçuk and I am 30 years old.

On 29. 12. 15Approximately 3,700 graft hair transplantation was applied in Sibel Ulusan. The price was 4,000 TL because there was no bargaining share.
PRP was within the price.

What I will write ties me and I transfer what I have experienced in person, I transfer that in the future, friends who want to plant hair so that they can take advantage of this information.

As a result of my research, I stayed between two doctors.
One of the Sibel Hanım, whom I had, and the other from Asmed. It was Koray Erdoğan.

The biggest factor in my decision was that I was staying in Izmir, although I lived in Berlin, my family was in Izmir.
Dr. I have read very positive things about Sibel Ulusan.
As a matter of fact, I was able to teyyit what I read that day.

Dr. The lady does not leave your head for 9 hours, she is doing planting and purchasing.

After the last interviews were held before October, the transaction was started.
In the first place, the roots were taken from the neck and memory in a sterile environment.
After this process was finished, the hairstyle was determined and the channels were opened by following the line so that the line would not be lost.
After this short process, the food break was held and then the channel process was completed and the sowing process, which was exhausting, was started.
And ultimately, this process ended and ended about 9 hours.

Why do I say torture?Because in these 9 hours, people are in the Paso horizontal position. Face and back. Now, the waist and ribs of the human being painful from lying down and not being able to move properly.

Also, the needles made are not less ice. In this forum, a lot of written and discussed on the subject was discussed. Everyone has a sensitivity to pain and pain. While some are sensitive, others can remain more robust.
The needles are not like that, but this may be related to my perception. I think don’t worry about this issue too much.
Because everything ends when you want to feel it is important to the doctor’s hand setting. Sibel Hanım did her job well.

Since the issue of my baldness was completely piskological, I decided to cultivate it, and from this decision, he could not return me to the pain of those needles (!).
The determined man, Pasha, reaches out to that seat and entrusts himself to Allah and then to his doctor.
The next day was dressed. And then the New Year came together.

The first washing was held on Saturday at 02. 01. 16.

Painkillers, antibiotics and lotions were given.

The first night I had pain and I couldn’t sleep without getting painkillers, though it is a place to say that my mother is crying on her back even today.

You have to get antibiotics on a full stomach twice a day every day.

You apply the lotion to places planted before 45min washing. Then, as everyone knows, you perform the washing process.

Here I would also like to point out that;Since the lotion was given to me, it was difficult to get rid of it during washing because it was a liquid and oily lotion, so I ordered the foam from the pharmacy. Of course from the same brand. So I can wash it more easily.
I also use biotin pill. (I just decided not to use it after it was finished because this pill thickens in other regions)

This is also very important. MUST get a 14 -day report. There was a serious swelling on my face, it is definitely relaxed and it is useful to reach out on your back.

I am satisfied with the result for now.

I can recommend this process to all friends who want to have hair transplantation.

Which doctor you do is up to you. I say research well. Already everyone’s cultivation be good . . God should not embarrass . .

As of today, I am on the 24th day. Shock spill is slowly progressing. As I wash my hair, I have plenty of hair strands.

I also need the help of experienced friends. There are serious itching in the root area, especially in a region. Even if I try not to scratch it, I can’t hold myself. Is there cream, medicine or liquid you use?

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