Dr.Sibel Ulusan Age 32 3715 Channel 4375 Graft

Hello friends. As a result of the information I have obtained from this forum, I decided to have hair transplantation to Sibel lady in fact, I didn’t have the problem of baldness and the process of closing the corners was applied on February 22. Mrs. Sibel is very polite, very sweet lady. So are their nurses. I bought the second package in 2000 euros. Sibel Hanım opened the channels himself and Sibel made the planning again. I identified my front line myself, but I told him to draw asymmetrical waves for more natural appearance. Did not recommend. I followed him. The nurse who recruited the nurses of the nurses was the number 10 of the nurse. Cleaning sterilization is also good. The team, which consists of 2 people who already cultivated, has been doing October for 16 years. I said a little bit of patavatsca that you are applying everything Sibel said. 2 ladies do not worry, sir, we do what they say, and we are experts in this field for 16 years, make sure that we do not keep us with Sibel. (Sibel Hanım gave instructions one by one, there is a weakness of 1 weak 2 temples from 1 finger from that area, like a pain or something like). . Today I share the 11th day process. The process took 13 hours. If you make a mistake like me the next day and drive for 8 hours, your head swells like a balloon. I wish I had waited for a few more days. I wanted to cultivate the temples. 200 grafts entered the temples. I will share the process before and after.

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