Dr Sibel Ulusan Hair Transplantation

Hello friends. I learned the forum as a result of my research a few months ago. I decided in Sibel Ulusan and carried out the operation. Hair transplantation was a great job. Aside from everything for a long time, standing still on face is definitely not every father’s mortar. Needle pain, etc. is nothing next to it. Not an easy process. Nobody gets wrong because I’m writing this way. These are the truth. Value, absolutely value. Huster cultivation started at 8 in the morning at 23. 00 in the evening. There was no pain leakage at night. There is an ongoing swelling within 3 days and there is a landing from now on. Tetradox, Corasprin, Nootrophyls I use. I buy as proscar and biotin reinforcements. I wanted to share with you the results of the 3rd day and the photos taken from the end of the operation.

Dr. Sibel Ulusan

Dr. Sibel Ulusan;In 1989, he graduated from Dokuz Eylül Medical Faculty and worked as an Emergency Service Medicine for 25 years. Then, in 2004, the Ministry of Health took the medical aesthetic medicine certificate and started its initiatives under the name of Ulusan Private Health Company in the beauty and hair transplantation industry.

He has been intensified for hair transplantation for the last 15 years. Sibel Ulusan has brought more than 2000 people from 35 different countries of the world to their hair. At the same time, the International Society of Hair Restaurant continues to be a member of Surgery, and in Europe and the United States, every year in the world, the world’s leading hair transplantation experts contribute to the development of the field of global hair restoration and represents Turkey in this field.

In addition, Dr. Sibel Ulusan is the founding member of the Atlas Health Education Foundation, whose mission is to contribute to the education of university students, to develop their visions and to give a scholarship. In addition, with its 100 %female staff, it supports women’s entrepreneurship by attaching great importance to women’s place in the business world.

Dr. Sibel Ulusan
Medical Aesthetic Physician
Medical Hair Hair Transplantation Center
Alsancak / Izmir
+90 (232) 465 15 45
+90 (232) 465 15 46
+90 (533) 460 39 94
www. medicalhair. org

Dr. Sibel Ulusan received a certificate after successfully graduating from Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine and taking medical aesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Hemodialysis, Coronary Intensive Care, Basic Resusitation Ria and MRI trainings.
Dr. Sibel Ulusan, who has 26 years of emergency service experience, has concentrated the medical aesthetic medicine for 15 years and has reached a number of cases of more than 3000 cases in the field of hair transplantation and made all hair transplantation applications from start to finish. Especially hard planting accepted on the burn area, hair transplantation on the scar tissue and sparse areas with the success of hair transplantation has made itself accepted to the sector.
The latest developments in hair transplantation, one of the most advanced universities in the world, John Hopkins Medical, Columbia Medical Harvard Medical Publications. Sibel Ulusan goes to the United States at regular intervals and makes investigations in hair transplantation centers and increases his knowledge and experience.


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