dr.With Hakan Doğanay team 25.01.2021 4000 graft October

Hello friends;

As a result of the researches, of course, the impact of our friends who have experience is very large, I decided to plant the team of Hakan Doğanay. In the meantime, I am 32 in Antalya, and I think you have not been able to go out of this place. I even say that I wish I hadn’t wasted in the name of research after October and interest.

Even though I law in Istanbul or another city, I wanted to come here after seeing it.
The planning was decided in the press 3500 grafts. 2000+2000

We have signed the counselor and we have given our photos and we have shaved our shaving and the process started.

The fear event when you enter the room, of course, get a check go, but be sure it is worth it. We had a conversation with other abroad and domestic patients. The place that sowed me before the one had finished the pain and mentioned that he could have a correct sowing, not feeling anything here. So I was more relaxed.

In October, the FUE method was purchased from the donor and planted with a pencil technique (I think the best and most comfortable sowing) that I learned that the cultivation of Hakan Hodja for many years has been advancing in this way. I went to sapphire ucla a cultivation, but I did not hang out of how they planted when there were clear advice.

In October that lasted 2 sessions, except for the anesthesia process, everything was very beautiful in my life. Even anesthesia, I can say that they made a very slow understanding and made it very relaxing about pain.

I didn’t want the preparation need for serum, but I finally decided that it would be necessary. Because at the end of the 2nd day of the cultivation, either anesthesia or its own supply, the fever raising from my own supply, I lived the blood sugar drop and they did not leave until I became good, and the serum was stuck, of course, it was a first for me for me. Your sowing is completed. Of course, if you are exhausted and tired when you go home, but when you are there, you feel like you’re lying and why I’m tired, but Igne occasionally occasionally stretches the body.

Hakan Hodja and the famous sheet cizgenlerini before the cizdigi before the planting again. On the 2nd day, even the detailed lines made with Aygün Ladies.

Aygün Hanım and his team made the purchase and planting process on the 1st day. They were all well -intentioned meticulous and entertaining conversation. Especially the family’s kucu serumcu head Gamze Hanım was like a fast -growing student, but it was very successful according to the mourning, but also when it came to my vein at one time in the first time the first time the first time was able to wear the serum.

Hakan Hodja was constantly interested in his patients. 1 2 times when I had a feeling of pain from anasteries appeared directly in our room. You thought of the pain that you will easily deliver yourself as much as you think.

On the 2nd day Aygün Hanım made both purchases and completed the cultivation. They were really friendly and sincere people. Thanks to them, they liked our burger: D

Sema Hanım in the team (some friends on the subjects of Esma) arm power high conversation beautiful and mysterious silence with a healthcarer I learned that Rubysa Hanım had such a conversation on the other hand.

It is time to our photos before the October, the 1st day of planting in the form of the 2nd day of October you will share your valuable comments, I hope you have made a contribution to our forum page.


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