Emphair Atasehir 3900 Graft

As I mentioned in the title, I had an operation on 11. 07. 2020 at Istanbul Ataşehir Hospital. I am 37. Here I decided to have surgery by reference to the results of my brother, 3 years older than 1. 5 years ago. Çiğdem Hanım conducted my health consultancy. We only met on the phone, it was good, but we could not actually meet before and after the operation.

I went to the hospital at the appointment time, after paying the medication and operation fee, they took it to the room. The vascular access was opened, blood was taken.
While the results were expected, my hair line was determined manually by Elif Hanım. (It was introduced as the most senior of the team, the channels opened the same friend)

After the results of the analysis, Burak Bey performed my shaving process and performed a numb and serum injecting process.

It was more painful for me than I had ever expected. It took about 20-25 minutes. I felt all the needles with almost the same pain. (After this part of the operation, I felt very rarely small, and when I determined it, anesthesia was applied to those regions again. )

My donor region and openness were said to be very suitable for planting and the channel was first performed. (Melike Hanım made the counting process.

Kübra made the process of collecting grafts with Punch. They counted the gathered grafts Burak Bey and Melike Hanım.
Since only 400 single grafts will be used for the front line, they separated them and stated that they did not count the rest as double or triple. That’s why I don’t know how many hair was planted in total.

Graft collection took about 2-3 hours in the face of the face. This part was also difficult for me.

After this process, the meal came and I ate quickly and the planting process was started.
The meals were good (if anyone wondered, meatball rice yogurt and soup)

Kübra Hanım and a friend I could not learn the name of a position in a position for 2 hours in a position was sowing.

In general, I cannot say that it is a very fun planting. At the beginning, it was a bit of an anguish. Instead of talking much, the team seems to me to be focused on their jobs. However, it was not clear who will do what the impression I have acquired until October. (Do this, let me do this, who will do this in the form of conversations returned in the meantime). There was no one who introduced him as a doctor, my friends were between 20-25. (The team is constantly changing and everyone is changing and doing every process I think)

After the operation, general information and bandage process was made, the operation was very successful and efficient by giving information that I entered at 10 o’clock at 17 o’clock at 17 o’clock.

48 hours after my operation, I create this post. Today, an appointment was given for the first washing, but when I was informed that I should be in the hospital at 15:30 at the latest, I will make my first washing at home by my brother. Then I will take photos of the donor zone.

I hope it has been a good conclusion.
I am waiting for your valuable comments.

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