Ers Clinic 3000 Graft 12/12/2023 Hair Transplant Age Age 30

Hi friends I am 30 years old in 2-3 years from the front to the hill in my hair was pouring in the front side of the front side of the top was a little dilution. Genetic situation in my father, the same shape spill, I waited for the shedding for planting, my friend recommended my friend Ers Clinicte I made my sowing with the best. I wanted to share the process on the site I want to share the general opinions in the meantime, especially if I need to evaluate the central Ersan Bey was very interested and helped from the beginning to the end of the process told the whole process, he said we would plan so you would plan the planning together I made the final decision to the front line I was a minimum 10 -year experience in the process of the process. Thank you to all of them very sincere and friendly welcomed the anesthesia a little uneasy in this process, but they helped me a lot, but as I thought that there was no pain, then the purchase and channel operations took place and the food service was done in the last process 3000 thousand graft planting process took place generally everything was good. passed

Thank you for your opinions in advance, I am waiting if you have recommendations


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