Eslamer Hair Transplantation – A Different Alternative – 16.02.2017

Plastic surgeon at the beginning of the October team. Idris Elmas had, he adjusted the roots during the purchase process, he opened the channels, he also took part in the placement of the roots. The rest of the work was also carried out by a highly experienced team. October was held in the hospital operating room, the bargaining according to the number of roots did not do how many roots were made. Normally, they make charge 1 TL/min per root in the form of 3 thousand TL. My age is 30, considering the possibility of shedding my own hair in the future, we only give weight to the front, and if necessary, we planned the 2nd operation and the remaining parts. The pictures are below, I am extremely satisfied with the result for now, I would be glad if you do not spare the comments. Before planting

Immediately after the operation

Donor zone



12th day before the shells are taken

12th day after the shells were taken

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