Esma Serkan 4080 graft dhi October

Hello friends 7 days ago, I had a cultivation of Esma Serkan Trigger team before I tried to collect information in this forum, but I could not find anything, most of the issues were not concluded or I could not get answers to the messages I sent, but if I experienced very indecision, I wanted to buy from the beard at the same time with the confidence of phone calls. I chose this team for the sowing process was easy to wait for Esma Hanım was very interested and worked carefully I have a lot of satisfaction, but I am postponing it for now because I am afraid of misunderstanding and seeing the result because I am pleased with the process of this team. I do not know if I will be satisfied with the result, we will see it over time, I decided to share the process to help those who are undecided like me. When I went to Antalya, they said that the donor could not close as much as I wanted, I had an indecision there, they left me, but I was determined to have sowing and I decided to plant the Verteks region for a second October, but they did not say anything clearly because they would not say anything for this. But I think I can do it again because I trust the beard, of course, if I am satisfied with this team, we will look at the result. 1500 beard, including 4080 graft sowing was made together with everything we planned to October 2 days and I did not have a lot of pain in my head I can say that I could not say that it was not except my head.

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