Esma Serkan Trigger / 14-15.07.2021 / 4050 graft (3273 hair+777 beard) / age 26

A total of 4050 graft hair transplantation was performed by Esma Hanım in a private hospital in Antalya on 14-15 July 2021. The procedure lasted 2 days and 4 sessions (afternoon – in the afternoon). On the morning of July 14, the necessary controls and blood tests were performed by the doctor in the hospital, and then anesthesia and root intake began.

Esma Hanım alone made the purchase and cultivation of grafts from the donor area, and the placement of the grafts in the pencils was prepared by 2 nurses in the team.
We determined the front hair line with Serkan Bey. Before the operation, anesthesia procedures, photography and hotel-air transportation was carried out by Serkan Bey.

Without further ado, I will try to share as much as I can for about 1 year in order to be useful to friends who resemble me. Because I decided to make hair transplantation thanks to the friends who share here now.
Unfortunately, my hair is fine, but the hair of the hair/graft average 2. 82 output, I hope my face laughs and I get a good result.
As reinforcement;For about 1. 5 months, I get 1/4 (1. 25mg) Finasteride and HP Biotin 5000 for about 1. 5 months. I am thinking of continuing supplements for 1 year.

I share the condition of hair and donor before planting.

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